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Sichuan Pingshan Tianyuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Sichuan Pingshan Tianyuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. was acquired by Yibin Tianyuan Haifeng Hetai Co., Ltd. in January 2021, and the company transformed from producing calcium carbide to producing high titanium slag.

The comprehensive utilization project of waste residue resources utilizes the by-product of the chlorinated titanium dioxide device as raw material, using a closed electric furnace smelting and continuous feeding operation process. The waste residue generated from the production of chlorinated titanium dioxide is comprehensively utilized to recover valuable high titanium slag, enabling efficient and harmless treatment and resource utilization of industrial waste residue.

Company address: Xinfa Industrial Concentration Zone, Pingshan County

Administrative phone number: 0831-3851858