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Yibin Tianyuan Haifeng Hetai Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

Yibin Tianyuan Haifeng Hetai Co.,Ltd was established in March 2016 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianyuan Group. It is an important "two wings" for Tianyuan Group to implement the "one body, two wings" development strategy, and an important base for producing high-performance chlorinated titanium dioxide and lithium iron phosphate cathode material precursors. It is committed to becoming a leader in the Chinese chlorinated titanium dioxide industry and the Chinese lithium battery material industry.

Company address: No. 168, East Section of Yongxing Avenue, Jiang'an Economic Development Zone, Jiang'an County, Sichuan Province

Administrative phone number: 0831-8770057

Marketing hotline: 0831-8770071 (titanium tetrachloride, titanium dioxide), 0831-8770052 (iron phosphate)

Products & Services

titanium tetrachloride
liquid titanium tetrachloride
titanium dioxide
Chlorination titanium dioxide in the field of coatings: universal TYR-588 for coatings, universal TYR-582 for silicon aluminum coating coatings, temperature resistant+highly dispersed TYR-561, ink specific TYR-583, electrophoretic paint specific TYR-585, high weather resistant TYR-586 for coatings, and super weather resistant TYR-587 for coatings. Chlorination titanium dioxide in the field of plastics: universal TYR-568 for plastics, specialized TYR-562 for photovoltaic plastics, specialized TYR-563 for shoe materials, and specialized T for high pigment concentration color masterbatch YR-564, Plastic Outdoor Weathering Special Type TYR-565, Polyolefin Anti Yellowing Type TYR-566, Color Master Matching Special Type TYR-567, PC Special Type TYR-569 Chlorinated Titanium Dioxide in the Paper Industry: Paper Special Type TYR-596
Iron Phosphate
High Pressure Solid Iron Phosphate Long Cycle Iron Phosphate